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Rafting on the Elaho River in Squamish, BC

river rafts on Elaho River

Rafts on the bank of the Elaho River, Squamish BC

When the sun is beating down as it has been in BC for the last few weeks, the only thing you want to be near is cool, refreshing water.

Not one for being idle, I’ve found the best remedy is taking in the sun whilst doing something involving cool splurges into water.

Cue an exhilarating rafting trip. BC is abundant with amazing rivers to kayak or raft and there’s no better place than stunning Squamish (

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How to cool down on a hot day

So on a particularly sweltering day (ok ok it was 26 degrees, but I am still adjusting to the heat!) I decided it was time to embrace my fears and embark on a rafting trip down the Elaho river.

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Adrenaline river rapids on Elaho River in Squamish BC

What stands out about the Elaho river is its beauty. It is simply breathtaking. So when you’re heart is not beating ferociously from the adrenaline of smashing through whitewater, it is being stimulated by the awe inspiring snow-capped mountains that flank the river on this 16km rafting adventure (

The Canadian Outback river guides are entertaining (plus they do a lot of the paddling while you sit and enjoy the surrounds on flat sections of the river) and point out the old growth forests, dormant volcanoes, towering glaciers, and stunning waterfalls that cascade hundreds of feet towards the river.

And of course in the space of about three minutes they manage to teach you all of the necessary skills to maneuver through exciting Class 3-4 rapids, including the challenging “Devil’s Elbow” section, made famous by Mark Burnett’s Eco-Challenge Adventure Race.

Usually the water is at a good level, and the day I went I had the chance to swim through some of the more mellow rapids to showcase my prowess in the water ( not really, I was just roasting in the wetsuit!).

And what more could you ask for – in addition to this amazing trip we also managed to glimpse some rare mountain goats, local deer, beavers and even a mother bear and her cubs on the waters edge.Only this time I gleefully opted to stay in the raft!

Written by: Louise Healy

Published: July 31, 2013
Last Updated: June 4, 2019

Louise by Louise

Louise ditched her day time job as a news reporter in Ireland to go on a six month sabbatical to see the world. The six month extravaganza turned into a six-year adventure spanning 22 countries and all of the continents. Louise had a list comprising every country she wanted to see and adventure to embark on and managed to achieve it- exploring everything from the depths of Antarctica to the mist covered mountains of Japan. She has blown up dynamite in underground mines in Bolivia, hiked the Annapurna circuit in Nepal, ran the New York marathon, been chased by flowing lava down a dodgy mountain in Guatemala, trekked around east Africa, spent three years discovering the beauty of New Zealand and most recently hiked and skied one of Japan’s famous active volcanoes. She is a qualified ski instructor and solo paragliding pilot and is currently (unsuccessfully and with many injuries!) exploring Squamish's biking trails whilst concocting her next big adventure.

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