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Tips to Keeping Mosquito Free

animated mosquito

Annoying pesky mosquito

Besides being the all time summer pest to most, it is a fly. Generally there are three types, with more than 3,000 species:

1.“Ades” or better known as floodwater mosquitoes lay their eggs in early spring and hatch after water levels recede in the early summer, depending on the rain levels;

2. “Anopheles best known as freshwater mosquitoes thrive around rivers and lakes; and

3. “Culex”, they are your typical backyard pest and thrive in standing water, like empty flower pots, ditches and almost anywhere that water will pool.

Have you ever arrived at a campsite and as soon as your foot hits the ground – instant bite? Well, this could be because you are wearing clean clothes, are freshly showered and some even go to the point of wearing perfumes…not a good choice! It seems that mosquitoes are attracted to “Fresh Humans”, so take that hoodie or jacket that you plan to wear upon your arrival and pre-spray it with your insect spray of choice.

Mosquito products on shelf

Mosquito products help keep the bites away!

How to best combat that mosquito? Well, you could lock yourself indoors for the entire summer? Not an option for British Columbians as we enjoy our outdoors too much. The number one chemical product on the market is NN-Diethyl – Meta-Tolumide or as we know it “Deet”. Although it is harsh in smell, Deet does work wonders.

But what other alternative choices do we have? “OFF”, is the number one brand that we all trust and buy by the case-full. Off is available in a variety of forms, from spray for adults, children and babies to Candles, Lamps and their latest the Clip-on fan.

Often when camping, we usually wear shorts, tee-shirts and tank tops, due to the warm weather, but remember most mosquito sprays are meant to be applied on clothing and not directly onto the skin.

Other companies have been selling mosquito repellent for years and only recently it has been marketed like, “Avon’s, “Skin-So-Soft” that works wonders too. So, if you don’t mind the pretty smell omitting from your campsite this may be the product for you.

If you are looking for natural mosquito repellants, use pure peppermint oil. No, not Listerine, which reminds me of a few years back when someone told my Aunt to use Listerine. In a hurricane frenzy she sprayed the perimeter of the campsite and it smelled clean, but that’s as far as it went. Natural Peppermint oil can be dabbed directly on skin, clothing, picnic table, umbrellas, tents or wherever you need protection.

Grey Mosquito Tent

Mosquito Tent is a nice camping feature

What’s another way to combat the pesky little fly? Purchase a screen tent; a 10 X 10 X 8 is large enough to be placed over most picnic tables in campgrounds. Try to purchase a screen that has openings that zipper from the bottom up and are located in the centre. The D-opening style I would not recommend if you are a family with small children, as they are a tripping hazard. Remember to make sure the entire bottom of the tent is sitting flush on the ground. Place rocks on the lower flap. Mosquitoes are heat seekers, so even the tiniest of holes allows them to enter.

5 Mosquito Control Tips:

Pre-spray clothes before going in the outdoors with Deet, Off or Skin So Soft

Chemical free 100% peppermint oil on skin, hair and areas of campsite

Use other mosquito repellants, such as candles, fans, and bracelets

Set up a screen tent that fits over your picnic table

Don’t shower and stay stinky

Published: August 8th, 2013

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