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Safety Tips for Wildfire Prevention – Do Your Part

Many wildfires are human caused – up to 40% per year – and, therefore, can be prevented. Here are some tips about how you can ensure you don’t cause an accidental fire.

  • Only start a campfire in the supplied firepit. Never move a firepit from its original placement, this is the safest area deemed by park staff. Always have at least 8 liters of water near your firepit to quickly douse the fire if needed.
  • Never leave a fire unattended! Completely extinguish your campfire before sleeping or leaving the campsite by dousing it with water and stirring until the ashes are completely cold – unattended and unseen embers can cause wildfires.
  • Take care when fueling or using lanterns, heaters, and stoves. Avoid spilling any flammable liquids, and store your fuel away from appliances. Ensure heat-based appliances are cool before fueling them.
  • Never throw cigarettes, smoking materials or matches from moving vehicles or on park/forest grounds. Completely extinguish smoking materials in a proper smoking receptacle or a can with water before disposing of them. When hiking or camping, it’s recommended that you carry a pocket ashtray to dispose of cigarettes.
  • Never leave food items cooking unattended, whether outside or inside your camper.

Did you know? You can be  heavily fined for wildfire-related violations due to an increased effort to prevent wildfire damage in British Columbia under the Wildfire Act. For instance, failing to properly put out a burning substance, such as a cigarette, is a fine of $575; and the penalty for ignoring a fire restriction is $1,150. You can view these violations and fines here:

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