Know Before You Go Camping in British Columbia.  Looking to find winter camping?

What Can We Do if it Rains While Camping?

If in an RV you will have fewer worries about getting wet than if tenting. Tent campers should set up a tarp over the tent (for extra protection and run-off) and a dining tarp near the entrance before wet weather sets in. The dining tarp will allow for a dry area for food prep, eating and rainy-day activities. (Tip: When raining, do not touch the sides of the tent or allow gear to lean against the walls.) If staying at a campground, there may be a common room with planned activities, games, or to simply hang out in, particularly when the weather is poor.

Storage and space/weight considering, campers can bring along music players or a small portable radio (tablets and personal phones of course store music). Note: Be mindful of others camping nearby when playing music. A deck of cards or compact board games, magazines and reading/trivia/activity books and story time are essential for when the weather is really wet (try making up a story with the kids with each family member taking turns with a few sentences –the results are often hilarious). Arts and crafts are a good inside option too. Have the kids pack pencil crayons and paper or a drawing pad or write in a journal. If it’s only light rain, put on rain gear and explore the woods (the trees will provide some shelter), skip some rocks or go swimming, fishing, kayaking or canoeing as long as there is no risk of lightning. Other alternatives – if your vehicle is nearby – are a scenic drive, a visit to a local tourism office or a trip to a nearby museum or landmark. You can always take the time to stock up on groceries and supplies, try some camping recipes, enjoy a good nap or simply rest to the sounds of the raindrops.