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Renting an RV In British Columbia – some advice for our international traveller

Renting an RV In British Columbia – some advice for our international traveller

Attention overseas travellers!  Coming to camp in British Columbia?  Rent a motor home and begin your adventure! They come in all sizes and you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Travelling in a motor home has lots of advantages.  It’s a time saver as your accommodation is all ready for you whenever you stop.  Weather is not an issue.  With present weight limits on air luggage, you can leave your tent and camping gear at home and top up your suitcases with extra clothing and equipment to engage in all your activities.  There are numerous campgrounds throughout the province that accommodate motor homes. Whether it is a leisurely or an active camping holiday you’re planning, travelling in a motor home would make your international trip to British Columbia a treasured lifetime memory.  Book your motor home now.

Before you leave:

  • Decide where you want to travel, keep in mind that British Columbia is big, nearly 945,000 square kilometers.
  • After establishing your arrival city; usually Vancouver, British Columbia or Calgary, Alberta, research companies that rent motorhomes.
  • When planning your driving route, calculate for a slower travel time. RV’s drive at a more leisurely pace than a regular vehicle. Also, highways in British Columbia can be winding and hilly.
  • Check with the RV rental company that your driving license is valid.

Photo courtesy of Go RVing, Sea to Sky Highway

Research RV rental companies:

  • Companies will vary in availability, size of unit, price, and mileage.
  • Do they offer a shuttle service that will pick-up and drop-off transfers from airports and hotels.
  • Some RV rental companies in Canada, offer customers the option to pick up and drop off the rental unit in different cities, which is a nice option if you wish to not return to the same location that you left from.

These RV rental companies are CRVBCC approved:

Cruise Canada
Best Time RV

Things to consider when renting an RV:

  • Look at various types of units and their interior layout. Determine your needs, for example number of beds, amount of storage, etc.
  • Motorhomes vary in size and interior layout. Click here for to view different RV styles
  • Compare prices and packages
  • Consider purchasing housekeeping or convenience package; service ensures that your motorhome is completely equipped for your travel needs: towels, bedding, dishes, toilet paper, paper towel, toolkit and axe are included with the motorhome rental. This option decreases the items on your pack list to just food and clothes!
  • Enquire the type coverage (s) that is offered and determine if you want to purchase additional insurance.
  • Insurance coverage is mandatory with all rental companies.  Some companies include it in their daily rates, whereas others offer various options depending on the amount of coverage and the amount of the deductible in case of an incident.
  • Book your RV rental far in advance before departing.

Photo courtesy of Go RVing

When you arrive in Canada:

  • After your transatlantic flight you will stay your first night in a hotel close to the airport.
  • When you arrive at the hotel, information and paper work for the rental motorhome will be there for you to go over.
  • The next morning when you are ready to check out, CRVBCC approved motorhome companies will provide free transport to your RV rental.

Picking up your RV:

  • When you arrive at the motorhome dealership, you will stow away your luggage in your rental unit.
  • Next, check in with a receptionist and you will be required to fill out some paperwork that is readily explained.
  • Things you will need for check-in are licence, voucher and credit card.
  • Next you will be given an orientation and operational instructions of the motorhome.
  • You will learn how to drive and park your motorhome safely and how to use the features of the motorhome, such as the appliances, the sewer, electrical hook-ups, propane, stairs etc.
  • If you would like to test drive the motorhome before taking it on the road, ask them!
  • Often the RV rental has a handbook with reminders of how to use the motorhome’s equipment and features, such as the Air Conditioning, and also helpful tips and check lists.

Photo courtesy of Go RVing

Choosing your Campgrounds:

  • To find campgrounds in BC the CRVBCC map plots over 1,500 campgrounds throughout BC. Also, the map gives driving directions, nearby fishing and hiking spots.
  • For online campground guides visit Super Camping and Go Camping. Also, if you are travelling during spring or fall be sure to check out the RVRAC Campground Discount Guide.
  • BC Tourist Information Centres have printed camping directories
  • During July and August campgrounds in BC can fill quickly, we recommend making a reservation well in advance.
  • Check out our section Frequently Asked Questions Page for questions on campfires, sani-dumps, and propane safety.


Departing for Home

  • Double check that you’ve packed up all your belongings. Open cupboards, drawers, side panels and refrigerators.
  • Refuel vehicle before arriving to the RV rental company.
  • The RV rental company will have an easy check-out procedure for the vehicle.
  • The check-out procedure will include ensuring the vehicle has been filled with petrol and an inspection to make sure that no damage occurred to the unit during your trip.
  • A complimentary shuttle will be provided by the RV rental company to transport you to either your hotel or airport.

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