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RV Organization

Knowing where everyday and essential items are and maintaining order in an RV – whether it’s rented or owned – will help to maximize free time while camping and eliminate unwanted stress.

The secret to good RV organization is to make the best use of the unit’s space. Take stock of what you have and need, declutter if necessary, try to multipurpose some items and designate a place for most everything.

RVs have more wall space than floor space so think vertical and utilize unused areas, such as behind cabinet doors. Walls can be used to peg, tack and stick things. Stack what and where you can in cupboards and use bins and racks to separate and contain items to keep them from sliding around or spilling over when on the road.

Here are some handy suggestions to get your RV organized:


  • Get a washable dish drying mat or a roll-up dish drying rack (for over the sink); you can also try a collapsible dish drying rack.
  • Make an RV sink cover or stove cover for extra counter/cutting space; you may luck out and find a cutting board with the perfect dimensions.
  • Adhere a paper towel holder to a kitchen wall to free up counter space.
  • Put kitchen soaps and sponges in a plastic bin near the sink or find a container with suctions to stick to the window.
  • Install a peg board to suspend commonly used kitchen items; put them away in the cupboards when driving to/from home and campgrounds.
  • Put fruit in a hanging basket or fruit ‘hammock’ or wall-mounted semi-basket.
  • Buy stackable pots/bowls and a collapsible colander.
  • Line shelves with rubber mat liners and save liquor bottle sleeves to protect bottles/glassware.
  • Get creative with sturdy office paper dividers – use them to hold cutting boards, pans/skillets or foil/plastic wrap.
  • Store plates vertically in dish ‘cradles’.
  • Use nesting storage containers and expandable utensil trays.
  • Insert simple ready-made shelves in cabinets for improved storage space.
  • Store food in clear containers for easy selection and to prevent items in the fridge from spilling over/rolling around.
  • Arrange canned foods in a stackable organizer.
  • Mount magnet bars to hold kitchen items/knives; there are even magnetic spice holders and wall racks to hold spices.
  • Tack lightweight items like sandwich bag boxes to the inside of kitchen cabinet doors and mount or make a plastic bag dispenser.
  • Install a mini curtain rod to secure pot lids on the inside lower door of the kitchen cabinet.
  • Try a collapsible electric tea kettle to free up cupboard space.
  • Transform a wooden cutting board with handles to a serving tray.
  • Purchase a pop-up washable trash can, particularly for outside use.


  • Hang cloth organization caddies on the sides of couches or lounge chairs to hold remote controls, magazines, etc. (Be aware of nearby slide-out areas!)
  • Velcro remote controls to a wall.
  • Use shoe rack dividers and hang organizers in closets.
  • Mount net pockets on walls for electronics, magazines or odds and ends.
  • Have a named/marked basket or bin per camper or child to put their random items in.

Bedroom/Sleeping Quarters

  • Hang a cloth organization caddy on the side of the bed as a handy go-to for flip-flops, books or personal items.
  • Tack pocket organizers on bedside walls (a great option for phones, watches, glasses and jewellery).
  • Adhere a necklace holder to the wall or to the inside of a closet door.
  • Store jewellery, writing utensils or sewing items in fishing tackle boxes.
  • Divide drawers into sections (for socks/undergarments, etc.) using woven baskets/plastic containers. Get creative with mini drawer and sliding basket organizers.
  • Place locker bins or cloth containers sideways in cupboards to better compartmentalize and access folded clothing.
  • Use linen storage bags for under- or above-the-bed cubbies.
  • Invest in a triangular wall mounted clothes storage system.


  • Use an over-the-door organizer for toiletry items, brushes or hair dryer.
  • Install a shampoo/soap dispenser or a shower caddy to keep shampoos and soaps in place.
  • Suspend a tension rod or adhesive hooks (or a bungee cord) at the top of the shower to hang wet items.
  • Purchase a hanging mesh/quick dry shower curtain organizer.
  • Fix storage pods to the inside of the medicine cabinet or near the sink for toothbrushes/toothpaste and creams.
  • Use a hanging shoe organizer for rolled towel storage.

Closets/Underbelly Storage

  • Try safety (‘S’) hooks – hooks with locking devices – for hanging hoses, electrical cords and cables.
  • Use net pockets to store hoses and cables or a get a plastic hose reel.
  • Label containers to categorize items or use clear bins to avoid guesswork.
  • Invest in a collapsible laundry basket/laundry bag.
  • Mount mesh bags or net pockets to air out light sports gear, deflated beach balls, flip-flops and water shoes.
  • Place shoes in plastic tubs with holes for air (or pop in some shoe deodorizer balls) or hook up a large mesh bag for easy access.
  • Insert brackets to secure tools, flashlights, brooms or even the trusted axe.