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ATV Fire Risks

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are fun to drive for many and allow riders to access off-road trails they might not easily reach on foot.

With these vehicles often in contact with vegetation, heat and sparks from mufflers and exhausts can pose a fire threat. Here are some tips for fire smart ATV outings:

  • Ensure your ATV has a spark arrestor (mesh screen inside the muffler) to trap any escaping sparks. An ATV may have its spark arrestor removed for horsepower gain.
  • Inspect the ATV, in particular the engine and muffler, for build-up of grass and other debris that may dry out and be easily ignited.
  • Carry fire suppression equipment, such as a fire extinguisher or a collapsible pail and shovel to extinguish any fires that might occur.
  • Don’t ride or idle in tall grass and avoid tinder dry areas.
  • Stay informed about fire bans and possible wildfires. Visit the BC Wildfire Service website for up-to-date info.