Deciding Where and When to Tent Camp

Deciding Where and When to Tent Camp

Knowing where you are going tent camping before leaving is helpful for many reasons. It increases your safety by being able to tell others where and when you are going and for how long. Also you will know what to pack and how to get there. There are two types of tent camping Front Country and Back Country.

Front Country campgrounds

Back Country Campgrounds

  • For safety purposes always tell someone where you’re going.
  • Some campgrounds are pack in and pack out. In other words, you are required to pack out what you have brought into the campground.
  • Research the campground beforehand to find out where it is, how to get there and what you will need to pack, such as water, toilet paper, etc.
  • Back Country operators include: Recreation Sites and Trails, BC Parks and Parks Canada. To view all three types of campgrounds plotted on one map visit our Google map.
  • Some campgrounds will be vehicle accessible and others are only foot accessible.
  • Find out BC Highways and Roads conditions before travelling,such as traffic reports, road works, washouts or fire impacts.
  • To access backcountry campgrounds that are Recreation sites often travel on logging or forestry roads is required. Some may require a 4×4 vehicle. To determine the type of vehicle required or if campground is non-vehicle accessible visit Recreation Sites and Trails BC.
  • For foot accessible campgrounds make sure you are able to read maps, gps, and a compass.
  • Check the weather and fire bans: Always check to see what the weather will be like and remember to check the Forest Fire Website and the Environment Canada Weather Network or the Weather Network

When to Camp

  • Time of season can be an important factor when planning your camping trip. For instance, summer and in particular long weekends tend to be very busy and it is recommended, if possible, to reserve your campsite at private, national and provincial campgrounds well in advance. To find the dates for statutory holidays visit our FAQ page.

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