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Camping Etiquette

Camping Etiquette

Camping is a time to get back to nature, spend time with Family and Friends, and just plain old relax. Sometimes when enjoying holidays our brains can tune out common sense and our behavior changes. Camping Etiquette is all about remembering to camp respectfully.

Here are a few helpful reminders and tips on how we can all enjoy our camping experience for years to come:

  • Respect fire bans. You can check out if fires are allowed by visiting the BC Wildfire Service website , some private campgrounds may not allow propane fires, so please check at the office when registering at your campground.
    • Buy firewood locally to avoid transporting foreign species or disease into area. Often firewood is sold at campgrounds, local stores and gas stations. Do not cut down trees.
    • Build fires only in designated fire rings. If there are no designations make sure the area is clear of debris, rotting wood, and far enough away from the trees, and build a fire ring with two rows of rocks.
    • Remember to extinguish your campfires. Never leave your coals smoking or smoldering. The fire is out if you are able to place a corner piece of tissue on it and it does not ignite.
  • Remove all garbage. If you pack it in, pack it out. Campgrounds usually have great garbage bins for campers that animals can’t get in to. If there are no garbage cans, take the garbage with you. Never burn your garbage as trace amounts of garbage can bring unwanted visitors such as bears, raccoons, mice etc. even after it’s been charred by fire.
  • Recycle! Many campgrounds now have recycling bins. Remember to wash out all containers and dispose in the designated bin.
  • Read the campground rules. Make sure you respect each individual campground’s rules. You can generally find these rules on a sign at the campground or on their website, you can also ask when you reserve your spot or pick up a copy when you register.
  • Ask about quiet hours. In campgrounds this is pretty important because you are all sharing your camping experiences with each other- often in tight areas. Remember voices carry at campsites, try to keep voices down inside of quiet times.
  • Pick up after your dog. If the campground allows pets make sure you bring plenty of dog waste bags and keep your pet on a leash at all times. Always check with the campground first to see if animals are permitted.
  • Observe posted speed limits. Children feel liberated while camping. They will ride bikes, race to playgrounds, and skip hand in hand down paths. Make sure you watch for all campground pedestrians and drive SLOWLY.
  • Be respectful to campground staff. Staff have been trained to make your vacation enjoyable and they are a great resource for helpful information and tips. Please be patient at check-in and out times as this is often the busiest time for them.
  • Be neighbourly. Respect your neighbours by not cutting through their campsites. If you are arriving early or leaving late, please turn down your high beams and radio.

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