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  • Campfires in British Columbia

    For many campers a campfire is an intimate bond with nature that is linked to a set of unique traditions. For some, it recalls warm childhood memories of times spent with family sharing stories, singing songs or roasting marshmallows.

    Most campgrounds in British Columbia, whether they are private campgrounds or RV parks, provincial parks, recreation sites (forestry sites), or national parks, allow campfires unless there is a fire restriction brought on by prolonged dry hot conditions.

    What to do during campfire restrictions and bans

    Forest fires are a major threat to British Columbia’s forests. On average there are 2,000 forest fires per year of which over 40% are caused by people. Campfire restrictions and bans occur when conditions are extremely dry and fire risk is very serious.

    When there is a fire restriction campers can still enjoy an authenti...

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  • How To Build A Campfire

    When building a campfire, always have the fire inside a campfire ring to protect the surrounding area from the danger of spreading fire. The key to a successful and safe campfire is to start small and gradually build it bigger so it remains contained within its designated area.

    Materials for a campfire

    Kindling: Small, thinly split/chopped wood no bigger than 1″.

    Fuel: Larger pieces of wood or small logs (fuel): Dry logs or large pieces of wood 1″-10″ in diameter.

    Suggestions for Building a Campfire Step 1:

    For the base layer use kindling and scrunched paper if available. If using small twigs and they do not snap easily, they are probably too gree...

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