Know Before You Go Camping in British Columbia.  Looking to find winter camping?


  • Campfires in British Columbia

    For many campers a campfire is an intimate bond with nature that is linked to a set of unique traditions. For some, it recalls warm childhood memories of times spent with family roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. For others it means telling spooky stories or camping singalongs.

    Most campgrounds in British Columbia, whether privately owned, provincial parks, recreation sites (forestry sites), or national parks, allow campfires unless there is a fire restriction or ban brought on by windy or prolonged dry, hot conditions. Many serviced campgrounds sell kindling and firewood.

    Campfire Rules

    It is the campers’ responsibility to find out what areas have fire ...

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  • How To Build A Campfire

    When building a campfire, always have the fire inside a designated fire pit or makeshift ring away from trees to protect the area from any danger of spreading. The key to a successful and safe campfire is to start small and gradually build it bigger so it remains contained at a controlled rate of burn. Never light a campfire or let it burn in windy conditions or leave a campfire unattended.

    Before starting, verify where your closest water source is and have a pail on hand, then clear away any twigs and leaves that could ignite from sparks. Keep a shovel or large stick nearby should you need to poke the logs or put out the fire. Note that in BC Parks, campfires must not be larger than a half a metre high and wide.


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