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Treats and Snacks

  • Tropical Cone S’Mores

    Recipe is for 6 Cone S’Mores.


    6 Waffle Cones, (not Ice-cream or sugar cones) 1/4 c. Crushed pineapple, drained and strained well 6 strawberries, finely diced 1 1/4 c. mini marshmallows 1 cup Nestle Tollhouse chocolate Chips 1 Banana chopped small



    Your Cones can be cooked over coals or a barbeque, which ever method you choose, keep rolling otherwise they will burn. Once you ha...

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  • Orange Cakes

    Orange Cakes


    6 medium to large sized oranges

    Cake mix

    Candies, such as chocolate chips, mashmellow, caramel bits etc.



    Take 6 oranges and cut off the top quarter (or less). Scoop out the inside of the orange and eat or save for a snack the next day. Take a store bought cake mix and follow instructions to mix up batter, but put in a slightly less amount of water or milk. Take the mix and place inside of orange. Add your favorite candies such as marshmallows, chocolate chips, caramel bits etc. Put the top of the orange back on. Wrap the orange in a decorative tin-foil shape to differentiate yours from others (...

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