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RV Owners Tips

  • Preparing Your RV for a British Columbia Winter Camping Trip

    Winter RVing in British Columbia is a one-of-a-kind experience. Waking up in a winter wonderland of snow while warm and cozy under a nice warm duvet in your winterized RV is many people’s dream. After breakfast you can get your winter snow togs on and be on your favourite ski hill or cross-country trail, beach hike or ice fishing lake in a matter of minutes!

    From November 1 to March 31 the temperatures are low, snow and rain is encountered and daylight hours are a lot shorter but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy RV camping in the wintertime. The Camping and RVing BC Coalition has created a page on their website featuring over 150 campgrounds and RV Parks that are open for business for the winter RVer!

    Winter camping comes with its very own unique challenges and we hope these tip... Continue Reading

  • Tips for Safe RV Travel
    Before heading out on the road make sure all your windows are closed. This helps to keep the fumes outside and prevents the dust from entering your living area. Adjust the convex wing mirrors on the vehicle, so both you and your co-pilot can see down the sides of your unit. Convex mirrors increase your field of vision and allow you to see things in your blind spot. Just remember that things are closer than they really are, so don’t use convex mirrors to judge distance. Also, once you have adjusted convex mirror they will not need to be re-adjusted Plan your trip wisely and take into account the type of fuel, terrain, and necessary stops you may need to make for your RV / motorhome (for example fuel, sani-dump and fresh water stations). Know your responsibility. Your RV is your home during the vacation. There are very few off-road RV’s ... Continue Reading

  • Springtime Means RV Season

    If you have been storing your unit for the winter, and now with springtime fast approaching, what are considerations for you to ensure you have a trouble free RV season ahead?

    Here are some things to consider: Check Batteries Reinstall batteries if they were removed. Check the electrolyte levels of the battery (ies). If the level is down then you need to top up with distilled water. Check the state of charge with either a voltmeter or a hydrometer. If they need charging, then charge them up to full capacity. Water Damage

    This can be a major issue, you will need to inspect the inside for damage and the outside for potential leaks.

    Inside: Take a very close look. Open up all cabinets and check all corners. Check below all windows, around all roof vents, and ceiling lights. Any... Continue Reading

  • Summer Is Here. Time To De-Winterize Your RV!

    If the unit was winterized you need to get it ready for use by de-winterizing it. With the bypass for the water heater still in the bypass mode, connect up a hose to your city water connection.

    Turn the water on and run the taps in the coach until you have no more colouring of the antifreeze. Run all the taps, both hot and cold, flush the toilet, and if you have an exterior shower, run water through both hot and cold. Once the water runs clear for all taps then turn the bypass into the normal mode. This will allow you to fill the hot water tank. In order for the hot water tank to fill right up you will need to open a hot water tap until all the air finishes coming out and you have a steady stream of water. Fill the fresh water tank. As this is filling up, you can check inside cupboards, and exterior compartments where water lines run fo... Continue Reading

  • Winterize Your RV

    Fall in British Columbia can be one of the best times to camp. However, as winter approaches camping season comes to an end. For most campers it is time to winterize and store your RV until the following year. To winterize your Recreational Vehicle you can take it to an RV dealer or you can do it yourself within a couple of hours.

    2 options to Winterize RV Take your recreational vehicle to an RV dealer Do it yourself Winterizing your Recreational Vehicle Yourself Drain all water from the plumbing system. (Most important to prevent pipes from freezing.) For efficient water drainage, use a compressor. Flush plumb... Continue Reading

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