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Tenting Rules

  • Camping Etiquette

    Camping is a way to connect with nature, spend quality time with family and friends and allows us to venture to new – or even familiar – surroundings, breathe in fresh air and simply relax. 

    Nevertheless, campers and visitors must adhere to various rules and guidelines while at private and public campgrounds, recreation sites or while hiking and biking on trails and in and on the water.

    It’s called camping etiquette and it’s about being respectful and safe. Your campsite neighbours will appreciate this, and the flora and fauna that surrounds you depends on it.

    Regulations will vary from park to park across British Columbia and Canada. To quote Canada Parks: “Breaking the law in a National Park or National Historic Site can result in consequences including evictions or tickets, or in more serious cases, court appearances and/or large fines....

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