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Camping with Dogs

  • Prep For Camping With Your Dog

    Dogs are precious family members too, so it makes sense that time is spent planning and preparing to ensure that your pet’s camping experience is both safe and enjoyable. Below are some pre-travel and packing tips to consider before your furry friend joins you on your adventure.

    Before Your Trip Verify that your dog’s collar has an ID tag with the best contact number for during your trip and microchip your dog if you want to be extra safe. If staying somewhere for a lengthy period, you can also have a temporary dog tag made with the name and phone number of the campground.Keep at hand a recent photo of your dog. (Not all dogs look the same after a groom.)Check that your dog’s core vaccinations are up-to-date and consider vaccinations for Lyme disease (if y...
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  • Campgrounds For You and Your Dog

    Camping with a furry companion in the majestic outdoors is the ideal getaway for many dog owners and whether you explore British Columbia’s lush forests, semi-arid Interior, lakes or coastal beaches there are many campgrounds from which to choose. 

    Like any trip, planning is advisable and the first step is to decide on the type of setting that best suits you and your dog. British Columbia has over 1,500 campgrounds, which are divided into four unique camping experiences: private campgrounds and RV parks, provincial parks, recreation sites and national parks. All of them have their own guidelines and rules concerning pets and, specifically, dogs....

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  • Tips on Camping with Your Dog

    Travelling and camping with your dog allows you to connect with nature and to your pet in a unique way and it means your canine gets to experience a new environment, one with sights and sounds it may not be used to. If you think your dog smiles when you go for a walk, wait for the reaction you get when he or she goes hiking!

    Nonetheless, dog owners need to be prepared too, for as with any pet outing there are precautions to take and, at times, rules to adhere to. We all need to camp in a considerate and pet-friendly manner and respect our animal’s limits.

    Here are some tips to help your dog’s camping trip be a safe and fun one.

    Travel Time If scheduling permits, familiarize your dog with the RV or tent before you set off camping. Do a trial run, even if it’s a drive around your city to a park or pitching tent in your backyard. Perh...
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