Know Before You Go Camping in British Columbia.  Looking to find winter camping?

Renting RVs

  • Renting an RV in British Columbia – Advice For the International Traveller

    Coming to explore ‘Super, Natural British Columbia’, simply known as BC?  Whether your plans include a recreational vehicle (RV) rental for your entire trip or part of it, there are important items to note.

    Travelling the province in an RV or motorhome has many advantages. You have a driver’s seat – and rooms – with everchanging views and you can choose to tour at ease or stick to an itinerary. There are hundreds of campgrounds in BC that accommodate motorhomes and all types of RVs and cater to both leisurely and active campers. All that’s left now is to reserve that RV and book a campsite!


    Decide where you want to travel, keeping in mind British Columbia is a huge province wi...

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  • Tips For Renting An RV

    There are various reasons why campers and vacationers rent RVs. Amongst them are: they like to take a camping trip once a year and don’t want to invest in purchasing an RV; they want to try out the RV lifestyle before purchasing their own unit. Whatever the reason there are things that all RV renters should know to increase their awareness about the experience to make it a positive and memorable one.

    Renting an RV is more complicated than renting a car. There will be some homework to do (like watching instructional videos) and paperwork to complete, but all of this is for the driver’s – and passengers’ – overall safety and enjoyment. Nowadays there are free and helpful RV trip planners and apps people can tap into. If you want to bring along any pets ask the dealer or RV owner if this is allowed; there may be restrictions and additional fees.

    Compare pri...

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