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Renting RVs

  • Renting an RV In British Columbia – some advice for our international traveller

    Attention overseas travellers!  Coming to camp in British Columbia?  Rent a motor home and begin your adventure! They come in all sizes and you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Travelling in a motor home has lots of advantages.  It’s a time saver as your accommodation is all ready for you whenever you stop.  Weather is not an issue.  With present weight limits on air luggage, you can leave your tent and camping gear at home and top up your suitcases with extra clothing and equipment to engage in all your activities.  There are numerous campgrounds throughout the province that accommodate motor homes. Whether it is a leisurely or an active camping holiday you’re planning, travelling in a motor home would make your international trip to British Columbia a treasur... Continue Reading

  • Tips To Rent An RV

    An alternative to buying a motorhome, fifth-wheel, or trailer is renting one. An average 25-foot class C motorhome (the type with a bed over the cab) rents for $1000-$1200/week. They come fully equipped with kitchen utensils, plates, glasses, cups, cooking pots, towels and bedding. There are no costs for maintenance, insurance, or registration. Just bring your clothing and away you go.

    Tips from past RV / motorhome renters

    “Always ask what’s in the convenience package. These packages generally include dishes, cookware, kettle, coffee filters, utensils, cleaning supplies (broom, dustpan), bedding and towels. We wish we would have brought a doormat, a table cloth for the picnic tables at the campgrounds, and an axe for chopping wood”

    “Ask the rental dealers which campgrounds they recommend. You can often ... Continue Reading

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