Know Before You Go Camping in British Columbia.  Looking to plan your stay - map it today!

Where to Tent

  • Deciding Where & When to Tent Camp

    Knowing where you will be tent camping and for how long is essential to help make for a safe outing. Inform friends and family of your exact (or general) location and prep and pack accordingly. Look at the forecast for the days that you will be away and keep in mind that the weather can quickly change in British Columbia, particularly in mountainous locations.

    There are two types of tent camping: frontcountry and backcountry, and camping differs in the areas designated for them.


    Established, serviced campgrounds that you arrive to by car are generally considered to be frontcountry. They are the best choice for new and inexperienced tent campers.

    These campgrounds include: priva...

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  • Setting Up Your Tent Site & Leaving Camp

    Being organized at the campsite will mean fewer problems and more time to relax, unwind and explore. Knowing how to set up your tent before you arrive is a must. Practice at home, watch a video online and have the instructions handy upon arrival at the campsite (some tents will have instructions attached to a flap or printed on the tent bag).

    OK – you have your spot, and you are ready to unload the car and/or backpacks. Now what?

    Setting Up Your Tent Campsite

    Designate areas:

    Tent area: Many campsites have set areas for tents. If not, or if you have room to play with, pick a spot with some shade and try to locate a flat and smooth surface (not at the bottom of a slope where water can collect.) Clear the ground of any rocks and twigs and keep in mind where the tent opening will be and proximity to th...

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