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Where to Tent

  • Deciding Where and When to Tent Camp

    Knowing where you are going tent camping before leaving is helpful for many reasons. It increases your safety by being able to tell others where and when you are going and for how long. Also you will know what to pack and how to get there. There are two types of tent camping Front Country and Back Country.

    Front Country campgrounds Best option for new campers and car campers. Have designated campsites and tent pitch. These campgrounds include: Private Campgrounds, Provincial Campgrounds, and National Campgrounds. Have amenities, such as flush toilets, running water, picnic table,... Continue Reading

  • Packing, Setting up and Leaving Camp

    Being properly prepared for your trip is a must. Often, in the excitement, we forget to bring something essential (like a first aid kit). For your convenience we have created a checklist to download and print.

    You have your spot, you’re ready to unload, now what?

    Setting up Camp

    Decide your areas:

    Cooking area: Choose an area away from the tent. Make sure there are no trees overhead, and there is a lot of space to move back in case of flying embers. Keep your food locked up tight and safe in the trunk of a vehicle or tie it up in a tree. NEVER keep food in your tent. Check out our recipe page. Cleaning area: Campgrounds typically have cleaning stations. Please don’t use bathrooms or drinking fountains to do your dishes. Be mindful of the flora while doing dishes and do not pour hot and so... Continue Reading

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