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Winterize Your RV

Fall in British Columbia can be one of the best times to camp. However, as winter approaches camping season comes to an end. For most campers it is time to winterize and store your RV until the following year.

2 options to Winterize Your RV

  1. Take your recreational vehicle to an RV dealer
  2. Do it yourself

Winterizing Your Recreational Vehicle Yourself

  • Drain all water from the plumbing system. (Most important to prevent pipes from freezing.) For efficient water drainage, use a compressor.
  • Flush plumbing systems with RV antifreeze. USE ONLY RV ANTIFREEZE!!!
  • Clean inside and outside of RV including the roof. This prevents deterioration over a period of time.
  • Inspect maintenance items, i.e: tears in the roof, damaged caulking, etc.
  • Run propane tests
  • Check fluids

Storing a Recreational Vehicle

  • Store on a level gravel or paved parking pad.
  • Place clothes dryer sheets (such as Bounce) or Naptha balls (be warned they have a strong odor) in cupboards, under seat storage, beds and furniture etc. This protects the RV from unwanted creatures, such as mice.
  • Place the Naptha balls beside anything that touches the ground such as tires, jacks, etc. Anything on the ground leading up to the RV provides a highway for rodents.
  • Leave a vent open allowing the RV to breath and preventing moisture build-up. A max air vent can be installed over an existing vent, protecting the RV from rain and/or snow.
  • Motorized RV engines should be started once a month.
  • Run generators for approximately 15 minutes every month.
  • Remove batteries in towables. Store battery in a warm, dry place. Do not store directly on pavement.

More information on winterizing your RV.

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