Know Before You Go Camping in British Columbia.  Looking to find winter camping?

What Can we do on Our Camping Trip?

What you can do on a camping trip will depend on factors such as where you go and with whom, what season it is/what the weather is like and whether you have easy access to a vehicle. It will also depend on you/your fellow campers’ level(s) of spontaneity (‘planners’ may want a schedule while others may simply ‘wing it’).


Go for a hike, bike or scavenger/nature hunt, check out local shops, museums, activities and festivals, take a scenic drive, find a farmers’ market, berry pick or bird watch.

Water Fun

Bring your own watercraft and gear and/or check out the local watersports and what the campground or nearby operators have to offer. You can fish, swim, canoe, kayak, bodyboard, paddleboard or simply skip rocks. Waterskiing or tubing may also be options.

Chill Out … Or Play Ball

Bring a hammock, hang out with your company, build a campfire, make S’Mores, read a book, sunbathe, take photos, cloud or star watch or plan a cook out. Frisbee is a fun group activity as are lawn darts and volleyball or playing catch. Some campsites have designated areas for bocce and horseshoes or soccer/basketball.

Indoor Activities

See what’s on offer at the campground rec centre and check out the options for rainy day activities. Read, draw, do arts and crafts, play games or cards, write a story, make some music or try some camping recipes. Take any downtime to tidy or organize your camping space or simply rest or take a nap. We all need to recharge our batteries, even while on vacation. (Tired campers make for grumpy campers!)