Know Before You Go Camping in British Columbia.  Looking to find winter camping?

Recreation Sites

Is there a cost for tenting overnight in Recreation Sites? >>

Recreation Sites and Trails BC manages approximately 1,300 recreation sites. There are two basic types of recreation sites – those with fees, and those without. At paid sites, camping fees are charged for services which may include supervision, daily maintenance and facility/structure maintenance, and are payable in cash to an on-site operator. Prices may increase on weekends and range from $12-$15 per night for a person, family or party of six. Sites without fees may not provide services, and some may be user-maintained. To determine fees by location visit the ‘Search by Facility or Activity’ webpage of Recreation Sites and Trails BC.

Can we book a Recreation Site or do we just pitch our tents? >>

Except for a few limited recreation sites in the Chilliwack River Valley, no reservations are available. Sites are on a first-come-first-serve basis; it will be evident upon arrival if any are available. Each location has a number of easily identifiable tenting sites which can accommodate 1-2 tents each as well as a fire ring and picnic table.

Are fires allowed at Recreation Sites? >>

Yes, fires are allowed at recreation sites. Fire bans and restrictions in BC vary depending on local or regional conditions and can be updated anytime by the provincial wildfire office. To find out the latest fire conditions consult the webpage of the British Columbia Wildfire Service or the alerts, closures and warnings webpage of Recreation Sites and Trails BC. For more information, read the article Wildfire Conditions & Campfire Bans.