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Sani Dumps

What is a Sani-Dump Station? >>

A Sani-Dump Station is a place where RV owners and renters can dump their gray and black water into a sanitary sewer in a safe and responsible way.

Who uses a Sani-Dump Station? >>

Sani-Dump stations are frequented by owners and renters of motor homes, campervans, recreational vehicles and boats that are equipped with toilet facilities and a sewage holding tank, commonly known as black water.

What is the difference between Gray and Black Water? >>

Simply put, gray water is from drains (sinks, tubs and basins) and black water is from toilet facilities and a sewage holding tank.

Where can I find a Sani-Dump Station? >>

Sani-Dump stations are often located in campgrounds, RV parks, truck stops and some highway rest areas. Visit for an extended list of sani-dump station locations.

Do I have to pay to use a Sani-Dump Station? >>

Most sani-dump stations charge a fee, but there are some campgrounds and RV parks that offer this service free of charge to their registered guests.

Do Campgrounds Provide Full Service Hook-ups? >>

Most private campgrounds and RV parks provide electrical (the most common being 30 amp with some offering 50 amp), drinking water and sewage hook-ups at each campsite. Public parks such as provincial, national and recreation sites do not provide full hook-ups on site. Most of these sites are dry, and have communal water service.